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We only succeed when you do.

Tired of your organisational change being driven by your technology supplier?


We were, and we were the supplier.

Tenzinc was set up in 2021 to focus on a collaborative way of delivering technology services and consulting.

Finding common goals and strategies to build partnerships and deliver value that persists

Image by Paul Frenzel
Disintegrating Sphere

Why Tenzinc

A new approach, using experience and partnerships.

More and more, traditionally non-technical sectors are intersecting the world of software development, web and mobile applications and are adopting technology at the core of their organisations.


That can be a scary world if you aren’t steeped in it and can still be tricky even if you are. Our collaborative approach to technology development and consulting is built on trust rather than contracts.


By truly working with our customers rather than just for them we provide a safe and efficient environment where our collaborators can realise their technological ambitions.

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